My Blog Has Been Moved!


You Can Find My Blog at Its New Location:

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Why I Moved My Blog

This is my last post on this site. I moved all my posts to

Through having my other website compromised by hackers I realized that the same could happen to this blogging site, as it is running on I have nothing against I love and admire the people of wordpress for all their great work and having us, bloggers, using it for free! However, does not work with plugins and other tools that could help me to keep it as safe as I would like to.

And, yes, there are other means of blogging for free, but I decided to combine my blog and my website. I have been advised to combine the two before, so I took the plunge. All posts transferred successfully, including the readers’ comments, but I lost my Likes that were dear to my heart – who would not like a confirmation that other people relate to the same thoughts and ideas?

So, goodbye my blog on this site

and hello my blog at its new location at


P.S. Love the synchronicity – as I am typing this, I noticed “Tighten your account’s security: Two-step authentication is now available on” displayed at the top of the page!

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