About the Author

Author Helena Kalivoda at her Owl's Nest book signing

Author Helena Kalivoda at her Owl’s Nest book signing

Helena Kalivoda is a mother of three, and lives in Canada. She is an active member of Calgary Authors group. In 1997, after receiving an early retirement package, Helena decided to dedicate herself to the writing she began in the early nineties. Toward the end of 2001 she became very ill and out of her struggle to get well again, her book AWAKEN! Spirit Is Calling was born.

In 2010 Helena became a member of The Messenger of Change program – a writing, publishing and marketing program, designed to bring together like-minded people to birth their dreams, messages and passions into reality, and help, as a collective, to change the world to be a better place. Within this program, Helena wrote her new book WAKE UP! Your Heart Is Calling.

In 2011, she published her work titled WAKE UP! Prosperity Is Calling, in a book together with 20 others writers, speakers and coaches who wrote on various self-realization and self-help subjects. Helena’s WAKE UP! Prosperity Is Calling introduces and guides you through the seven principles of living a life of prosperity. These principles become your truth and experience once you use them and live them consistently.

Helena’s latest five books Creation, Illumination, Contemplation, Evolution, and Metamorphosis of the empowering Purposeful Mind series are published on Kindle and will be available in paperback in 2013.

Her books are helping to raise the consciousness of humanity, encouraging all to live with passion from an open heart, to move individually and collectively toward self-realization.

GOLD         – 2013 Global eBook Awards,
                                  ILLUMINATION, Getting to Know the Invisible You

BRONZE    – 2013 Global eBook Awards,
                                   ILLUMINATION, Getting to Know the Invisible You

FINALIST – 2013 USA Best Book Awards,
                                   CREATION, Accessing Your Untapped Potential

FINALIST – 2012 Global eBook Awards,
                                    AWAKEN, Spirit Is Calling

Note: For more information about Helena’s books visit her website at www.booksbyhelena.ca